Zombie Hill Race – Nintendo Switch

Zombie Hill Race - Nintendo Switch

The only option is to find the car and make your way through the hills full of chaos …


  • Various vehicles at your disposal
  • Hordes of zombies to run over
  • Collect coins and modify your vehicle
  • Different types of zombies to kill
  • Various environments to discover
  • Deadly gameplay

Find out what you can do in the world of the zombie apocalypse and take part in the racing battle for survival! Practice your mountain racing skills and try to survive on the front lines in the fight against the dead.

Collect as many coins as possible, build a cool zombie killing machine and deal with the hordes of undead roaming the mountains. If you don’t want to join the ranks of the dead, you have to survive!

Don’t let yourself get killed, run over hordes of undead, and climb as high as possible to escape! Good luck, Zombie Killer!


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