Venom Carry Case – Nintendo Switch

Venom - Switch Carry Case 3Keep your Nintendo Switch console, dock and accessories protected on the move with the stylish yet sturdy Venom Carry Case.

Store everything you need to play, including up to 21 games, in the specially designed durable case.

  • Robust outer shell to protect from bumps and scratches
  • Adjustable carry strap
  • Internal foam fits perfectly around your console and accessories
  • Holds up to 21 games
Venom Nintendo Switch Carry Case Review £19.99
  • Overall - 85%

Our Thoughts...

So this case came in a plastic bag upon delivery, when I took it out of this it had a card wrap around describing the product and what it is to be used for. This had the signature venom colour scheme and struck me as simple but stylish.

It is a nicely made case in a black finish with red and white accents to the zip. The zip pulls have the venom logo on them which is a nice touch but there are no other venom logos on the product at all.

The zip is a little stiff when using it for the first few times but it improved with use. The material is a little rough to the touch but does not cause an issue.

It has a quality finish and is relatively rigid, the foam in the case is quite loose fitting when there is nothing being stored in it, but it solidifies considerably when the switch etc are inserted.

Once in the foam inserts of the lower section of the case my switch and accessories moved very little and stayed safe and undamaged throughout my journey. In between uses my switch was stored in the case and there were no issues.

The game compartments are of good quality and hold the games well even during transit. There are compartments for 21 games and each one has an elasticated top to allow secure holding of your game cartridges.

There is a pocket inside the lid to hold cables etc, this is quite spacious but due to it being open and having no zip I did have to be careful how I opened the case in case anything fell out.

The material on the inside of the case is soft and appears quite hard wearing, it has not appeared to become warn during our time of testing.

I found the case easy to hold due to having both a shoulder strap as well as a grip handle. The handles are well made and feel secure and the shoulder strap is long enough to allow you to wear it across your body for added security.

Overall this is a very nice case of very good quality for the price but I do feel that the loose foam insert in the bottom ruins the look of an otherwise nice looking item.

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