tomtoc – Travel Storage Case for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Storage Hard Case 

Not only organize your Nintendo Switch console and all accessories in order at home, but this large storage case is also perfect for playing games with friends together outside thanks to its comfortable handle and an attachable shoulder strap. Great summer vacation!

Large Capacity

Accommodate Nintendo Switch console, dock, adapter, Pro Controller, Joy-Con grip, 4 x Joy-Con straps, 32 x Game Cards, HDMI cable and other small accessories.


Individual accessory slots with foam-padding interior protect all equipment safe in place during transport.

Easy Carry

Thick handle and an attachable adjustable shoulder strap make the case more portable for an outing. You can enjoy game time with friends during this summer!

tomtoc - Travel Storage Case Review £39.99
  • Overall - 95%

Our thoughts...

This case arrived in a plastic bag with the Tomtoc logo on the top, so I took it out and found the case looked great and had a nice solid feel about it.

It is a very nicely made case in a very attractive grey material complete with relief representations on top of the switch and controllers. On the zip pulls there are tiny Tomtoc logos and on the front of the case there is Tomtoc and the logo in approximately 1cm high font.

It has a high quality finish and is very rigid,  the zip is nice and smooth and does not snag at all. The material of the case is hardwearing but due to the light colour of the case can become stained but this case could not go in the washing machine so should be cleaned with a damp clean cloth.

There is a zipped compartment in the lid of the case which can hold cables etc very securely, it can fit small items in but do not overfill it as items could become damaged when you try to close the case.

The foam inserts are very solid and are cut to fit specific switch items, but it can be a little tight fitting the more fragile items such as your switch in them the first couple of times but just be gentle and they will fit securely. Once in the foam inserts of the lower section of the case my switch and accessories did not move and stayed safe and undamaged throughout my journey.

The game compartments are of good quality, they have elasticated tops and the games slide it without too much effort and hold the games well even during transit.

The case is very easy to hold due to having both a shoulder strap and well as a grip handle. The handles are well made and feel secure and the extendable shoulder strap allows enough length to wear it across your body for added security.

Overall this is a very nice case of fantastic quality and in my opinion well worth its price tag.

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