S-Charge – 10,000mAh Power Bank With Kick Stand – Nintendo Switch

The S-Charge is the world’s first multifunctional battery case designed for the Nintendo Switch™. It incorporates a high capacity 10,000mAh battery, an improved kickstand, and 2 game card slots.

A high capacity 10,000mAh battery, that matches the power requirements of the Nintendo Switch (5V/2.1A), provides you with up to 4x more battery life. 

The S-Charge allows you to charge your Switch and play on-the-go with no wires or bulky battery packs required. 

With the included USB-A port you can charge any device whilst also charging your Nintendo Switch. No need to carry around an extra battery power bank for your mobile phone.

No need for extra carrying cases, the S-Charge has slots for 2 extra game cards to bring along with you on-the-go. The S-Charge has an improved kickstand which offers greater stability and can be deployed at multiple angles to change the way you play.

S-Charge 10,000mAh Power Bank + Case (Premium Pack) Review £119
  • Overall - 65%

Our Thoughts...

The item is nicely presented in good quality packaging. It is simply decorated but eye-catching. Inside the box you receive the Switch Charge unit, charging cable and cards detailing instructions on how to use the unit. But we were sent the premium version which also includes a high-quality case for your Switch and a screen protector.

The top of the Switch Charge is hinged to allow easy opening and closing especially for little hands or those with dexterity issues. The movement of the hinge is smooth and moves freely.

The Switch Charge has a full-length kickstand which is very sturdy when your Switch is in the charger. Then underneath the kickstand, there are 2 slots for game storage, but we found these were hard to get the games out of as they are not spring loaded and the games are a tight fit.

We used the Switch Charge with our test Switch and found that it gave 1 full charge and a further 51% charge. This was charging the Switch from a completely empty battery to full and following the instructions sent with the unit.

The Switch Charge weighs 337g and a Switch weighs 400g so the Switch Charge almost doubles the weight of the Switch, but it also doubles its thickness which makes it a little bulky if you are charging on the go.

At the time of this review, the unit and charging cable is priced at £99 but the premium package is priced at £119 when you compare these prices with those of similar items on the market we found this item to be of a high price point.

In summary, we have found this unit to be well built and portable but we feel that the price point is not competitive with comparable items on the market. If you are in the market for a portable charger for your Nintendo Switch, make sure you check out the other products on the market today.

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