Little Busters! Converted Edition – Nintendo Switch

Little Busters! Converted Edition - Nintendo Switch

While Riki and the other Little Busters have remained friends through the years, they now face brand new obstacles—job hunting, university applications, and thinking about their future!

Painfully aware that he only has a little more time left with his friends, Riki suggests they do all the things they won’t be able to do in future.

One day, having seemingly taken this to heart, Kyousuke blurts out a sudden declaration.

"We’re forming a baseball team. The team name will be… Little Busters!"


"Little Busters!" has multiple endings. The choices you make during the story will have an effect on which ending you get.

In addition, the gameplay includes plenty of minigames for you to enjoy! Try your skills at Batting Practice and Matches with the Little Busters members, or serve up food in the Cafeteria! Too tame for your tastes? Then try out the Underground Dungeon or the Shooting Game instead!

While winning/losing minigames does affect the following gameplay, it does not have much of an influence on the storyline. If minigames aren’t your style, you can turn them on and off in the game’s settings, allowing you to play through the story without them.


Original Artwork: Itaru Hinoue / Na-Ga

Scenario: Jun Maeda / Yuto Tonokawa / Chika Shirokiri / Leo Kashida

Music: Shinji Orito / Magome Togoshi / Jun Maeda / Manack / PMMK


Komari Kamikita VA: Natsumi Yanase

Rin Natsume VA: Tomoe Tamiyasu

Haruka Saigua VA: Keiko Suzuki

Kudryavka Noumi VA: Naomi Wakabayashi

Yuiko Kurugaya VA: Ryoko Tanaka

Mio Nishizono VA: Shiho Kawaragi

Kanata Futaki VA: Keiko Suzuki

Sasami Sasasegawa VA: Tomoe Tamiyasu

Saya Tokido VA: Harumi Sakurai

Kyousuke Natsume VA: Hikaru Midorikawa

Masato Inohara VA: Nobutoshi Canna

Kengo Miyazawa VA: Yusei Oda

Full voice acting (main character only partly voiced)


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