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Solve clever and funny inventions with the help of the amazing Inventioneers! They have special powers you can use and at the same time learn about physics in a creative way. Blaze, for example, can create Fire. Magneta uses magnetism to pull metal stuff. Freezy likes to…freeze stuff. Bunny is a rabbit. The possibilities are endless.


Up to four players can work together and solve the same invention, creating the ultimate couch solving experience. (Every player need a separate Joy-Con though.) The screen can also be used as a touch device for solving.


With the built in-editor, you can create your own inventions! Challenge your friends and family with new ingenious creations!

Inventioneers - Review £8.99
  • Overall - 86%

Our Thoughts...

In this game, you are tasked with helping the Inventioneers to complete their experiments to test their inventions and complete tasks such as saving a cat from a tree or dropping a diver into a bath.

It is a puzzle game and requires you to put the items into the invention in the correct order in order to make them work and allow you to collect the stars for the level (3 maximum).

As you progress you are required to use the items in more weird and wonderful ways and the number of items you have to add increases.

Some levels require you to complete 2 tasks but the second must happen after the first or neither will work so you have to work out how to delay one task by whatever means necessary.

The game is cute and colourful and is ridiculously addictive. The graphics are simple but effective.

It is also available on android and IOS.

We found that this game is quirky and out of the ordinary, it gave us fun and challenges throughout as well as some laughter and mumbling under our breath when things didn’t go our way.

Review copy supplied by Filimundus

Check out our walkthroughs below for hints and tips on how to play the game!


  • Enjoyable and addictive
  • Supports pro controller
  • Simple graphics that are easy on the eyes


  • Will make you want to shout and at times throw your switch across the room (but don’t)
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