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Inops - Nintendo Switch



Explore the shadowy Mine, twisty Jungle and extra-terrestrial Elect-City but be careful of lurking dangers. Escape traps, solve puzzles and dodge enemies using the Inops ability to split into many little creatures or join into one big Inop whenever you wish.

Use the environment to your advantage by using unique intractable components whilst guiding the Inops simultaneously. Get to the end of each level and save as many Inops as you can to avoid being lonesome.

Inops - Review £9.99
  • Overall - 95%

Our Thoughts...

Inops which is an indie game for the Nintendo Switch. It was created by ZRZ Studios who a team of 3 developers, this was from start to finish.

You control the Inops which are small black creatures that look very much like the soot sprites from Anime culture. They are round bobs with 2 eyes and are super cute.

You can join them together or separate them to make it past different obstacles throughout a multitude of levels that will challenge your skill and patience.

There are all manner of ways for the Inops to die such as lava, circulating blades, poisonous gas from flowers etc,  but there is a way to respawn a single Inop, if you collect the glowing diamond shapes that are hidden around the levels.

The game starts off relatively dark but soon turns into a colourful and beautiful journey through the Inops world.

We found the game to be a challenge in places but very enjoyable and well illustrated. It is well paced and the developers have been very responsive to any queries we have had. Great value for money for a very well presented game.

Review copy supplied by ZRZ Studios

Check out our walkthroughs below for hints and tips on how to play the game!

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