iAmer 6 in 1 Nintendo Switch Accessories Kit

iAmer 6 in 1 Nintendo Switch Accessories Kit

Attention: As it is newly produced, if have some smell after  received,it is normal, our material is environmental friendly, you just put it in the air for some time, the smell will disappear gradually, thanks for understanding and support!

Package Include

  • 1x Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch
  • 2x Grip for Nintendo Switch Joy con(L&R)
  • 3x Screen Protector(not Tempered Glass Screen Protector)
  • 3x Screen Wipe
iAmer 6 in 1 Nintendo Switch Accessories Kit - Review £15.99
  • Overall - 70%

Our Thoughts...

Here we have a medium sized case in black with blue zip detail.  It has rough but hardwearing material on the outside and iAmer on the zip pulls and handle. The zip also works well with no resistance or snagging.

We found there is a pocket at the top to keep your cables etc in, you have to attach your switch to the flap that splits the top from the bottom of the case, it has elastic at both ends to hold it in place. There is also a screen guard screen protector included for use on your switch.

On the underside of the flap are slots for 10 games and then the bottom of the case has space for a charger as well as a joy con grip. Our case came with 2 grips that hold 1 joy con each but they do not fit in this case properly and cause the centre partition to bend.

The case foam is a soft and flexible type allowing for more room for items to move which could be a plus and a minus point for this case.

  • Well built and good quality
  • Space for games
  • Space for your charger
  • Space for a Joy Con Grip
  • Foam insert in bottom to add some rigidity
  • Pocket with zip for extra storage
  • Screen protector

There are a couple of downsides to this case such as the positioning of the switch as it could get scratched or damaged by the other items in the case and also the fact that the 2 joy con grips don’t fit into the slot properly and cause the partition which has our switch on to be pushed out of position and bend. But otherwise it is a well made case.

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