Crashnauts – Nintendo Switch

Crashnauts - Nintendo Switch

Crashnauts is a hard-hitting 2D Arena Shooter for 1-6 players. Crush your enemies with your Crashpod or obliterate them with an array of satisfying weaponry. Simple at first but boasting deep mechanics, Crashnauts delivers fun for players of any skill level!

  • Crash with friends in local PvP and with CPU players!
  • Gib your enemies with beloved weapons such as rocket and rail guns, and new entries like the Crackshot!
  • 4 Races to choose from with a plethora, yes, plethora of customizations!
  • Play on scrolling maps that keep you on your toes.
  • Respawn on your enemies with a devastating crash pod that rockets down from outer space!
  • Tight and responsive gameplay.
  • Get hundreds of headshots


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