CODE SHIFTER – Nintendo Switch

CODE SHIFTER - Nintendo Switch

Our adventure starts at the video game company, Awesome Rainbow Corp.

Your aim as a staff member is to deliver a complete, bug-free game.

However, as your game nears completion, strange software bugs have started appearing.

Use the Code Shifter program in this side-scrolling action-platformer to defeat all the in-game bugs.

Once you’ve exterminated the bugs that have sprung forth in the programming world, you’ll return to the real world where your story continues to develop, leading you to the root of the outbreak.

Original visual style

From watercolors and flat colorful art to retro style pixel art,

the graphics are a delightful mix of titles past and present.

Game system

In this exhilarating side-scrolling action-platformer you must

transform your character to overcome the challanges and defeat the various enemies in each stage. All 30 characters have the ability to transform and use a variety of actions for a unique experience.


Our protagonist is a programmer named Stella who is joined

by game designer Mozzie, graphics designer Rudy, Veteran programmer Hudson, and project director Greig. Their antics in this entertaining comedy drama are sure

to bring a smile to your face.

Contains an overwhelming volume of collaboration

This game is jam-packed with Arc System Works characters from various titles. Not only are there 30 playable characters that have different attacks and actions but there’s another 70 assist characters with various special attacks. The 8-bit soundtrack is a remix sampled from the original theme songs of each respective series!

Characters from popular titles such as Guilty Gear, Blaz Blue, Double Dragon, Kuniokun and many more show up to lend a hand to the fight.

Bonus Game

Up to 4 players can battle locally using the collab characters you have collected during the main game. You and your friends will no doubt get swept up in all the excitement!


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