Byakko-tai Samurai Boys – Nintendo Switch

Byakko-tai Samurai Boys - Nintendo Switch

The title

Byakko-tai Samurai Boys

Japan 150 years before …

Story of the Japanese young samurais who shake in opening of the country.

The main character who holds the key of the Aizu war in 1868

… she run through turbulent times with "Byakko-tai troop"…


In under the Tsurugajo castle,sons of the high class’s officer will receive telling called "10-regulation" from time of 6 years old.

When it’ll be 10 years old, the boys who learned "10-regulation" enter Hanko Nisshinkan School.

Such boys will be called Byakko-tai troop, which is a little previous story that they’re involved in a national disturbance …

Story Summary

The main character Shikame Chisato and her elder brother who went to a Hanko Nisshinkan School as a swordplay instructor surrogate.

Hers childhood friend, Minoji Sakai, also he went to there, where women are usually not allowed to attend, he was worried about Chisato going …

And an encounter with the boys(Gisaburo Shinoda, Matahachi Ito) who go to Nisshinkan School, Towako Yamamoto who goes to as a gunnery instructor surrogate likewise, Saitani Kotaro have a shop as Nishikiya in a castle town, the youth Saitani Kotaro who has a store Nishikiya in a castle town, and the mysterious youth Agatsuma Narihira who lives there as a guest staying changes the respective destiny big and goes.


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